The Five Deadly Snarks of Weddings: Snark #2–Body Snarking

The Five Deadly Snarks of Weddings:

 #2 Body Snarking

2. Body-snarking other brides or models. As I’ve surfed, debated and people-watched the internet, it’s apparent that women have been totally brainwashed by the media to not only hate themselves, but other women as well. There are two-sides of the nasty wooden-nickel of body snarking: Fat shaming and skinny shaming. It’s all body shaming in an attempt to make people feel guilty for what they look like. Simply put, when you shame other people’s body, it tells more about how you feel about your body than it does about how you feel about theirs. 

This post was on HuffPost Wedding’s Facebook page:

 The question was: Do you think this Reem Acra gown is too sexy for a bride?

 Then the nasty, hideous (and predictable) comments followed: 

“Yes and she is way too thin”

“Way too [sexy]. And she looks like an anorexic skeleton with chapped elbows!”

Yeah, evil bitches. Way to keep it classy. If you were one of these women making these comments–shame on you. I clicked through to the woman’s page who called the model an anorexic skeleton, and she had posted that she was working with a trainer, trying to get in shape after having 2 kids. It seemed to be, on her part, a bit of projection. She is not satisfied with her own body, so she attacks an innocent person whom she does not even know. It’s funny…I was on another site where this SAME WOMAN made nasty comments about another woman’s body. She just goes around trolling and snarking. How sad. You cannot judge someone’s health by one photo. This model is thin. But she is also a person. This person is not just a body, but a human being who has value and worth; no matter what her body looks like. You can judge the dress…sure. To each his own. But you really shouldn’t snark bodies. It shows a level of insecurity and ugliness that is unbecoming to anyone who chooses to do that. Clean up your own house. Hope that trainer is working for that trolly-snarker. 

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